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Academy Program

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North Texas Strikers Soccer Club
Development Academy Program

The North Texas Strikers Soccer Club is committed to ensuring that U-5 through U-10 boys and girls who have a desire to learn the game of soccer in a fun filled learning environment will have a chance to do so. We are committed to providing a quality level of instruction by our professional coaching staff, coupled with a venue to utilize the skills learned, on a year round basis. Our goal is to assist the youth in developing a solid foundation of the basic skills of soccer that will last a life time.

U-5 / U-6
· Making soccer fun
· No pressure learning environment
· Soccer Games
· Introduction of proper basic techniques through games
· Once a week skills
U-7 / U-8
· Development / instruction in a low pressure environment
· Introduction of team formation
· Participation in SDL and / or Indoor League
· Weekly team practice
· Weekly skills training
· Introduction of player positioning and low level team tactics
· Developing knowledge of defensive and offensive play through 1v1 / 2v2 / 4v4 small group games.
· Building upon basics through repitition
U-9 / U-10
· Preparation for select soccer
· Development / instruction in a more competitive atmosphere
· Participation in the PAL, SDL and/or Indoor leagues
· Tournament play
· Advanced technique training
· Team tactics
· Weekly skills training
· Weekly team practice


Team registration through the home association is not required until the team reaches U9 or U10 and the team chooses to compete in the PAL Academy league. In addition each age & developmentally appropriate team will also register with an outdoor league of the coach’s choice. Each participant is welcome to play on a recreation team and by doing so will need to register individually through their home association.

To enroll for the North Texas Strikers Development /Academy program please click on this link. All North Texas Strikers Development /Academy participants must complete a North Texas Strikers Academy Registration Form. The form will need to be completed and bought to the first skills or practice.


The team academy uniform package for those participating on an academy playing team will consist of the following:
· 2 game jerseys with number and Club logo
· 1 pair of game shorts
· 1 pair of game socks
· 1 bag or backpack
. 1 size 4 soccer Ball

· W/ backpack $170.00 – without back pack $127.00


The primary site for the development/academy skills and practices will be held at the North Texas Strikers Training Complex located on Northwest Highway in Garland.


$10.00 per session (a session includes each skills, practice, league or tournament game)
$60.00 per month (to be paid by the first week of the month)


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